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May 9, 1944

Little Walter got up at four to do guard duty with his Dad. The family are proud of him and it was an excellent idea. Sheba has another new sweater with a big-needle weave of yellow and brown mixed this time. Last week it was bright yellow. June says that Sheba will go mad if she runs out of wool, for she sits up in the dark knitting by the outside light until nearly midnight. When I cannot sleep, I often hear her needles clicking and she goes outside and back again sometimes. But there is no sound of tumbrils! I think that she will just unravel and re-knit when her skeins run out. Today she laughs her light superior laughter as she listens to a row over space outside the door. Then she says, “And there is a war going on! Who would think it? That is about space too—isn’t it a coincidence!”