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May 11, 1944 (Thursday)

Party at Mrs. Sawada’s Residence. At 7:00 p.m. we attended a despedida [farewell] party given by Mrs. [Renzo] Sawada, wife of the Japanese Ambassador to Burma, in honor of Teresita Vargas who is soon returning to the Philippines. We enjoyed the party, especially the dinner and the impromptu program after the dinner. Ambassador Vargas was also present. Miss Nina Deligts, young and pretty daughter of the Danish minister in Tokyo, was also there. She and the young daughter of Mrs. Sawada played a few piano pieces.

In connection with that party, we had a serious incident with our dormitory superintendent. For reasons we could not understand, he would not give us permission to attend the party, but in spite of his prohibition, we went and did not mind him a bit. I am sure this will have serious complications, but we do not care, and we are willing to fight him.