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May 12, 1944 (Friday)

Party of Miss Go. One of the most enjoyable parties we have attended so far. (This was intended as a despedida party for Teresita Vargas, but unfortunately she could not make it.) The affair was held at Mr. Nezu’s residence, a rich man’s mansion with a huge garden which was really more of a park. There was dancing, too, which was very enjoyable. Among the guests we met were Viscountess Ishikawa, Baroness Tōgō, Miss Ban (famous tennis player) and other ladies, most of whom speak good English.

Coming home from the party tonight, I was suddenly taken ill. I think this is another attack of malaria.

Conference with General Satō. In connection with the incident of last night when we went to Mrs. Sawada’s party without the dormitory superintendent’s permission, General Satō of the Philippine Society came to the dormitory tonight to talk to us about the matter. I was in bed then and unfortunately could not take part in the conversation. General Satō was told all our complaints against the superintendent and was asked that he be changed. It seems the General was only trying to act as “defense counsel” for the superintendent, and he did not pay much attention to our complaints. We are not satisfied with our dormitory superintendent, and we filed a written request to have him changed. (I myself wrote the draft of the letter.) This incident has revealed to us things which we shall never forget.