May 19, 1944

Dr. Bruce came in and was also impressed. He said that in our dugout he could see the continuity of Culture! I said, “Yes, we have gone back to the earth again,” and he answered, “And made a boudoir out of it!” We asked him in for coffee later and he sank back on the couch as though he would never leave it, actually purring. All who come in here love it, collapse on the couch, take their hair down and their shoes literally off, We have all suffered for quiet and privacy. When we get it, we let go the whole way. I lie here for hours doing nothing, just recuperating. It feels like disintegrating, to come together again. It is odd to watch it happen to others, even the tough ones, The home touch, warmth and color, melt them at once.

Father Sheridan came for coffee and a long chat on the past of our camp. He is organizing Beautification Week for the Catacombs, as he calls the Underground. He plans to have the Japanese staff visit to see how much we have done with nothing.

New word for looting, “He’s a good accumulator.” One also speaks of whether a person wishes to be Cubicle-ized or not.

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