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May 22, 1944 (Monday)

At the Dentist. Dropped in this p.m. at Dr. Kaneko’s dental clinic, accompanied by Yasuko Nagasaki-san, to have my teeth fixed. The clinic is a clean place, equipped with very modern electrical apparatus. The doctor spent nearly two hours explaining to me how he will go about “fixing me up.” When I asked him the price, it took him time to compute, and he started to beat around the bush before he finally said in a subdued voice, “Y470!” Well, I hope our dormitory superintendent will not be scandalized when I tell him the cost.

General Satō. He took supper with us tonight, read to us some Philippine news and talked about dormitory problems (our relations with our dormitory superintendent are still bad).

Told General Satō about my own problem with the dentist. The newspapers today published the news of the bombing of “Minami Torishimari” by a task force last Saturday and Sunday. Hence, the alert in Tokyo.

Bad day today.

Pushed through another deal which has boosted my finances.