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June 2, 1944 (Friday)

Bought the following books at Kyobunkan at Ginza: Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary, Grammar of Spoken Japanese by Y. Matsumiya, If America Fights With Japan by Homer Lea, Nogi by S. Washburn, Short History of Japan by E. W. Clement, Colloguial Japanese by R. Lange and Haiku Poems by A. Miyamori.

Visited Villarin at St. Luke’s Hospital (Daitōa Byōin), where he has been operated on for a nose ailment.

Party for Newcomers. There was a little party at the dormitory tonight in honor of Bert Lavides and Ben Sanvictores who transferred to our dormitory two days ago. There was a little beer and a lot of singing.

We are expecting the new bunch of pensionados to arrive soon, as they are reported to have left the Philippines already.