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June 12, 1944

Jerry talked to Dr. Mather and they discussed feeding me  Red Cross meat, with liver shots. If I eat so much of the canned meat, Dr. Mather asked how about the rest of the family if the pinch finally comes and Jerry replied that we would just have to take a chance. He said Pete needs to get that blood count up. I argued with him at breakfast, finally compromised on a two weeks trial, not a month. Two ounces a day for two weeks would use three cans. Later I talked to the doctor and told him we were having a big argument over it. He laughed and said he knew I would have something to say about it. Jerry and I sat over coffee in the sun and argued some more.I maintain that I have lived over half my life and the children need the meat to carry on the torch for us. He growled and scolded me. I told him it was settled at two weeks and he said it was nothing of the sort and that he was the best judge and it was going to be his way. Back and forth we went. We will be glad to have the Army come in and settle the race with time against anemia. These basic, ethical decisions are difficult and desperate, now. It is more difficult to fight one’s own battles than those of another. I have given the children about all I can to help guide them. Their formative years are nearly over, at least the basic ones, though growth should never stop. They have learned about life, people and working together in here in two and a half years which they would not have learned in college or in easier, softer conditions, and I shall love watching them use it if I come through.