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June 25, 1944 (Sunday)

Mass, confession and communion at St. Sofia’s Church.

Banquet by Catholic Ladies League of Japan. After mass at Kanda Church, there was a sumptuous banquet given at the “Seiyōken” at Ueno Park attended by Charge d’Affaires Lavides, the Embassy staff and the pensionados. The affair was put on by the Catholic Ladies League on the occasion of the safe return to Tokyo of the first group of Catholic sisters and lay teachers dispatched to the Philippines. After the banquet there were the usual speeches.

We enjoyed talking to the teachers who just arrived from the P.I. about two weeks ago, and they all seemed to have enjoyed their one and a half year’s stay in the P.I.

We sang “No Mas Amor Que El Tuyo,” “Eucharistic Congress Hymn” and “Aikoku no Hana” for our hosts. At the banquet table, I sat with Mrs. Takamine and her two daughters who later invited us to their home for dinner next Sunday.

It was a very enjoyable and quite a big affair with nearly 100 guests present.

(Before going to the “Seiyōken” this morning, we killed time at Felix Maruyama’s (Pinoy) place at Ueno. Miss Okamoto was with us.)

Nisei. After the affair at Ueno, with Sison I made new friends —Betty and Mamie Muraoka, second-generation Japanese (American-born). I found them very nice and hospitable, and I hope to drop in at their place at Toritsukoko again.