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June 25, 1944

Rumors to date – Americans land French Coast, occupy Paris, Push onto German soil with little resistance Russians in on north and west occupying last Prussia. In Pacific we have chased Jap Navy into China sea and occupied Saipan (thekey to Marianas.) Local News- Detail of 480 with 6 officers leaving in few days destination unknown, supposedly Japan. End is drawing near we pray. Each day our resistance becomes lower and lower. We are doing all in our power to sustain life. Grow what vegetable cwe [we] can, Trap some wild game on wood detail, find and bring in pig weed when possible, dig roots, cook leaves for tea and eat any edible and available berries we find. Last week we cut down a papaya tree and cooked it. Not bad, but not too tasty. If it is at all possible most of us will make it out of the place because we have the will to do so and our minds are already made up. We have spent past three weeks working entirely on the road and have cut no wood . Have used about ½ of our reserve wood up and now the trucks have no fuel. How the Japs ARE able to prosecute a war is beyond me when they can’t even obtain fuel for their trucks or food for a hand ful of prisoners, considerable rain lately and have been soaked everyday. Have as a result a bad cold but so does everyone else. Must try to visit Melendez soon. Can’t this afternoon due to a physical inspection. Read magnificent Obsession” this last week. A very good novel. Need a haircut, but no barbe s available, Joe and I are making plans which we may sson [soon] be forced to undertake. Am reading “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. Part III- Napoleon in Russia. Lost [lots] men have Beri-beri and pelegra agaiñ so the physical inspection today showed.