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June 28, 1944

Melendez getting along fine. Jans admit loss of Saipan/ 450 men detail left today for Japan, Barne, Rodsy, Kieson, Van Buskiri, Lawson, McConbes [McCombes] are a few of the boys I hated to see go. All fine fellows and of course out of the 200th.killed 3 Brahma yesterday. but of course the majority goes to the spoils. “we were lucky to get a bite. Weight staying fairly regular now, but I am way below what should I be. 140 lbs Oh, how Ibeg for some food just any kind so that it fills my stomach.

Davao detail come in this afternoon . I estimated around 700, but we can’t get close to them and maybe we won’t be allowed for a long time . Time will tell. They are in entirely separate enclosure . However we will make contacts some way. I am pretty sure.