July 2, 1944 (Sunday)

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Mass and communion at St. Sofia’s. Met the Sawadas in church and gave Toshiko-san a few Philippine stamps.

At 9:45 a.m., saw Mr. Yasuhiro Gō, a friend who is leaving tomorrow on an important mission. Since he had not much time to see Quiambao and me, we met him at Shinjuku and went around with him, talking all the way. He had to drop in at a friend’s place to “fix up” a marriage. Being a sort of a “go-between,” he had to secure a picture of the would-be bride for “examination” by the would-be groom before final “hitching-up” arrangements were made.

At Mrs. Takamine’s Home. At 6:00 p.m. we (Quiambao, Sison, David, Cruz and I) were guests of Mrs. Takamine and her two daughters Sadako-san and Yukiko-san at their beautiful mansion at Ōtsuka. We had a sumptuous dinner with meat, salad, cakes, etc. and specially appreciated the very enjoyable company of the Takamines. Mrs. Takamine speaks very fluent English, having been to America with her husband who is a famous scientist and professor at the Imperial University. After dinner we held an impromptu concert with the two daughters playing the piano.

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