July 6, 1944

Yesterday, July 5, of course was a very important date/ My 3rd wedding anniversary wasn’t much I could, do about it. but on the 4th we killed Brahma (Indian Cattle) on the wood detail, and I was able to get the wood mims all the meat and brains. Phil and I cooked it the whole night and it make a good broth with a little meat . We added a cup of beans and and some greens and a head a large pet of stove so the 5 of me had the wedding anniversary dinner. Tom Byran had a cup of coffee. which he donated and Phil a package of Camel Cgts. Also we were fortunate enought to receive a mango a piece throught the commissary and I considered all in all quite a celebration. I hope Mary was happy. 3 years is a long time and it has been here When I left we planned on not more than a years generation. Well, mother year should see us to gather again. Happy anniversaryl, darlying.

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