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July 20, 1944 (Thursday)

Dai-Nippon Biiru Kaisha (Great Japan Beer Company). This afternoon went on kengaku to one of the biggest beer factories in Japan. This company produces “Asahi,” “Ebisu” and “Sapporo” beer and runs Manila’s BBB [Balintawak Beer Brewery] and San Miguel. It is capitalized at Y100,000,000 and produces 35,000 bottles daily.

We visited the huge boilers, refrigeration rooms, barrel and bottle cleaning machines and actually saw beer being bottled and packed for shipment. At the company’s beer hall, we were served beer to our hearts’ content. I only drank 4 or 5 glasses, and I felt a little tipsy and dizzy. We made a jolly party out of it, singing and dancing among ourselves. Some of our instructors (Japs) got more than tipsy and almost drunk.

Dropped in at Neo’s tonight with Quiambao.