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July 23, 1944

A new Japanese C.O. — he seems a man of decision and energy. Many intra-camp transfers of late, putting all Permanent Qtrs., civilians, etc. in one company. In here we have Army, Navy and Marines. A large detail left for Japan recently — if one must go now is a good time for one can get used to cold weather gradually that way. I, of course, still hope to remain here. My eyes went on the blink again and I have read nothing for about a month now. A friend gave me me some vitamin A pills which I think will snap them out of it.

Sending cards again today — hope they will go through with dispatch. Prisoners came in from some other Island and are now on our side of the fence. Field details came in and men are in general in poor condition. A bit on the “anti” side too. No vitamin pills here now although we know there are plenty in Manila earmarked for this camp.