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July 31, 1944 (Monday)

GRADUATION. At long last, at 10:00 a.m., our graduation ceremonies were held at the Keisatsu Kōshūjo, and we received our “well-earned” but still “unreadable” diplomas. The affair was very simple but well attended by high ranking officers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Board, the Great East Asia Ministry, the International Students Association, and our instructors, professors, and lecturers. There were about 80 people who saw the 11 of us (including Mon Felape, a Burmese) graduate.

Speeches were short. Duque delivered the response in excellent Japanese, to the admiration of all present. The luncheon after the ceremonies was held amidst a funereal atmosphere. Nobody seemed to be in the mood for chatting, and before we knew it, the banquet was over.

This morning’s diploma is the fourth I have received from the Japanese, including one at Del Pilar [POW] Camp, one at the Constabulary Academy, and another at the International Students Institute last March. (What will my people say!)

The last three months, which has been the length of our course, went by quite fast. It seems only yesterday that we held our opening ceremonies, and this morning we suddenly found ourselves “full-fledged graduates” with diplomas in hand! Everything so far has gone on well. I only hope everything turns out as scheduled.

This p.m. I was down with a terrible cold.