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Thurs. Sept. 28/44

I have been busy and have neglected to write. Much has happened, too. Last Thursday, a week ago, we were surprised to hear the unmistakable sound of bombs exploding in the distance. It started about nine a.m. and continued for several hours. It was in the direction of Manila, and as we looked we could see the bursts of anti-aircraft fire, and later on the smoke from fires that were started. There were many planes, but were so far away they looked like a swarm of bees. Were we excited? The guards came to put us back in our barracks, but not until we had seen most of the fun.

On Friday the action was repeated, and on Saturday there was a disturbance some place, but we could not see. Heard later on that the airfields had been hit, and many boats sunk in the harbor.

This week has been quiet so far, but we are under alert signal, and partial blackout. The food situation is worsening. This morning we had corn meal, about three-fourths of an ordinary helping. At noon we had two scoops of soft rice, nothing else, and at night one scoop of rice and a little watery stew.

Willie had charge of the prayer Meeting this afternoon. He spoke from John 1, about John the Baptist. It sounded like music to our ears. Cecil and I are to have a service next month. Rains are not quite so frequent now, and gardens are looking better. We had one mess of green beans, but mean to keep most of them to dry, as dry beans have more protein, we are told, and that is what we lack. I have made a lean-to with a nipa roof, one open fireplace, and one enclosed.

Again I find my thoughts wandering to Manila, or to America. I dreamed about Bernice last night. We were preaching together!