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September 29, 1944 (Friday)

Lunch at the Daitōa Ministry at Daitōa Kaikan. Received lacquer cigarette set as gift.

Despedida Visits. Said goodbye to the Masudas, Maruyamas, Nagasakis, Fr. Hoebbels and Sawadas; saw friends at Neo Studio.

Despedida Dinner at the Embassy. A sumptuous dinner and a nice chat under the moonlit sky of Tokyo in autumn in the quiet garden of the Embassy—this was our last night in “Japan’s Manila.” The Ambassador was in very good humor, and we enjoyed his company. General Satō was there, too. Party broke up at 8:00 p.m.

Last Minute Packing. With Eddie Vargas, Ben Osias, and two Nisei helping me pack, I finally finished at 3:00 a.m. Slept with Sison, Eddie, Ben, Norman Reyes and the Nisei. My last night in Tokyo meant just a few hours of sleep.