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October 12, 1944

Jerry, Charles Bary, and Clark are the Investigating Jury. Eighteen chickens and many eggs have been missing since February. It goes back months, so that it involves more than this one white rooster. No one wants to tell or be a witness, each tries to avoid a share in clearing it up. No one wishes to place blame in these hard times, yet it must be done or there will be chaos in camp.

McKim San gave me Tomibe’s poem in Japanese, with her translation and one by Yamato which is equally interesting.

Miss McKim’s translation: Poem to Jim, by Rokuro Tomibe

You are a young man bearing upon your shoulders
Your fatherland. I am like you.

We have become friends here, but if the fate
Of our countries demands it, I am sure that

We will confront each other bravely
However, into the dawn of peace, our friendship
Will be deeper than before.

Yamato San’s translation: Poem to Jim.

You are, also, the Youth who is shouldering

Your country, and so am I. I made friends

With you here, but I expect, if emergency comes

| must confront you gallantly; but when
Great peace comes brilliantly, of course, I am

Sure, to foster much more deep friendship between us.