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October 13, 1944

“It looks like Santo Tomas will be the last line of defense!”

Catesy looked a bit grim as he facetiously made the remark to Mr. Mack.

All morning, we had watched the Nips unloading huge piles of airstrip rods in front of their office. Trucks and other types of vehicles roared into the camp from which the soldiers removed heavy packing cases, which looked suspiciously like U. S. Army property. We were consumed with curiosity. What was in the cases? Food or guns?

During the night, we were kept awake by a steady traffic of trucks roaring into the camp. As soldiers removed the heavy cases, they chanted, groaned, and broke into snatches of militant-sound-ing songs.

Fortunately, my legs weren’t the edematous stumps that so many walked on, and I managed to do my personal and camp chores. Only severe leg cramps nagged me today, but I was considerably cheered by the heavy traffic of our bombers yesterday. We had not seen them nor had we seen the bombs dropping. But we heard muffled detonations of bombs bursting from a long way off, and it was music to our ears.