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October 21, 1944

Last night Jerry kept telling me over and over about the 800 pounds of peanuts brought in for sale or for camp consumption, by Furuya. He was almost babbling with relief of the supplies coming in, repeating the 800 pounds over and over like a grooved record.

Fabian has manufactured a Ouija Board out of cigar boxes, and the Green Barracks inmates and all the young fry have gone wild over it. Miss Lucy and Mrs. Morris have sent messages. When asked how are two escapees were they said all right. Asked where they were, the pencil made large question mark with circles around it. Every war revives this attempt to contact the departed, to peer into the future, soothing bereaved and suffering minds. It does no harm, seems to give a lift to some, and adds to conversation where news is barren. It starts lovely new rumors out of the ether and is great fun for badgered and beaten camp members.

The doctors don’t call any illness by names any more—just refer to it as low nutrition.