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October 31, 1944

The Navy Staff are kind enough to work with us for two days, so that we may learn our new duties and the involved amount of paper work necessary.

I have a small staff and there are over 500 patients in the hospital and over a hundred Sick in Quarters. Total census of the compound is 2227, of which about 1400 are in the old hospital building under command of Com. Carter USN. Captain Vaughn Shaw M.C. was relieved from my detail by Captain Nogi. The latter asked for a surgeon and interned 25 of my EM for a special detail (local). Captain Jack Comstock was picked from the casual draft by me and as no other medical officers below the rank of Major were available, I was asked if anyone did surgery besides the two I had assigned. I picked Captain Shaw as I thought I was receiving additions and could use another internee but it worked out as stated about. I asked for replacements and was offered a navy doctor but no EM. I choose Lt (JG) (MC) Max Pahlman. I asked also for two chaplains. Captain (Chaplain) Albert D. Zalbot, Catholic, was assigned but no protestant.

The 17-man utility detail is headed by Mr. Earl G. Schweizer, Rad., Electrician USN – warden. Mr. Elmer G. Boyers Jr. Gunner USN – Asst warden. Mr. Clifford A Hanson, Pay Clerk USN – commissary officer. Also there are 5 pharmacist mates assigned as technicians and other EM – 17 in all for utilities, cobbler and tailor shop, etc.