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November 3, 1944

There  has been much criticism of the mess as to theft, quality, efficiency, etc.We have 18 EM on duty and must use patients on draft personnel for K P’s. Everyone is hungry and there are no doubt cases of stealing even though guards have been assigned to watch the K P’s and keep all others away from the kitchen. Most criticism is from the draft. They claim whole sacks of rice are leaving the mess, that camotes are being picked up lb. by lb. etc. To date they haven’t been able to put the finger on anyone. West, S 1/c, USN, a patient was caught by the Mess Sgt taking a little rice after doing KP work. He was relieved and has been given 5 days on a digging detail. I took Com Porter thru the mess this AM to inspect and suggest. He has appointed a guard of a commissioned officer to rotate and have to watch for thievery.

We have officer’s call at 8:00 PM each night to take care of various necessary business.