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November 9, 1944

Someone broke into Med Supply during the night, by cutting thru the screen of window to right of entrance Bldg. # 7, and stole a 1000 tablet bottle of sulfapyridine. Night NCO McKelney heard a crash about 11:45 PM but he was in another Bldg. at the time and as we do not have lights after 11:00 PM, it was not discovered until this morning. Crash was due to a bottle of sulfanilamide that fell on the concrete.

Mess situation now seems satisfactory, with increase 280 gms of grain.

Requisition for drugs and rosters of patients and med. dep. soldiers sent forward to Japanese or Captain Shaw’s detail. Lt Col Arthur Shreve GSC – very encouraging – says job going well as could be done by anyone under circumstances. He is angry with Com Portz for not being more cooperative with administration.

During the night, someone broke the lock on the mess supply and stole 102 kilos of grain (rice & corn). It is almost impossible to trace such a thing. Captain Brennon was appointed investigating officer and he examined all personal equipment on Wds # 12, 16, and 14.  Com. Portz had Bldg. #13 searched.

There are rumors that there is much criticism of me for sending Lt Sarwold on detail and keeping a navy file. The choice was actually made by Captain Shaw. I refused his first choice of Captain Brenner as he is supply officer, but gave his second. It is most unfortunate to have to pick a man from a group in which all officers are well qualified.

In the afternoon, Lt C. Ricks, USA, reported that he was mess guard from 2:30 AM to 6:00 AM. During this time all cooks, KP’s, several night corps men, etc. ate considerable lugao and Lt Ricks was offered and ate three mess kits full. Com Portz and Col Bennett came in with patients and complaints. Captain Macon also was eating lugao and has been working as a KP but without being officially assigned. Due to all these complaints, the fact that one mass serves over 2200 man and that 1 officer can’t watch it, I assigned Major Al Roby MC, as mess officer with Captain Nasr as assistant. Four watch repair men, Lt Col A. R. Baellner, Vis-Mind Force, 1st Lt. E.A. Egges 2nd Obsv, 1st Lt J.R. Clark, 86 F.A.; Pfc E.R. Simpson 192 Tn Bn., detailed by Japanese as watch repairers to work in Occupational Bldg. Major Roby is sleeping in the mess office, so should guard as well as supervise.

One suspect was picked up as rice thief, but claimed he procured same from the Japanese mess and so nothing can be proved.