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November 12, 1944

Requisition for non-RC medicine and supplies for December and January being typed today. Captain Gochenour reports two adult pigs on critical list which I reported to Mr. Kuboda with intent to have them slaughtered for the mess, but have not attained consent as yet.

An old Sgt – Alfred Nicholson, 17th pur. was caught stealing in Bldg. #13. ILt (JG) Pohlman appointed investigating officer. The man was put on a platform at morning tenko and labelled a thief by Com Portz. Then was tied up and left on the landing half way upstairs until about 2:00 PM when I was notified. I went up immediately. The man looked quite elderly and had been worked over some by major Wm. Priestley, 57 Inf. who caught him. He had a number of things, probably 39-40 small items in his possession, several identified as belonging to people in the Bldg. such as glasses, tobacco cans, etc. The man admitted to stealing for past 10 days. Because of punishment already meted out, I had him declared psychopathic and locked in NP section. Lt Col Freeng is holding possessions for identification and return to proper owners.

TIhe Japanese QM had rice stolen fron him last night and a track of rice led to Cpl M. Elden Biurlings’ bunk in Chief’s quarters. He denies implication altho he had a little rice which I believe undoubtedly that he had bought. The same Sgt caught Lt Doug Fisher USN with same steamed rice. He says he will be satisfied if rice is returned. At 5:00 PM I had a meeting of all Bldg. leaders and company commanders from drafts and told them that. “quaning” of rice was verboten from now on. They suggest a complete shakedown of entire compound for rice and this was agreed to. The Sgt had shaken down chief’s quarters and checked quan stoves for rice which seen to he only contraband item. Conference consisted of Com Portz, Lt Col’s Brady, Adams (USMC), Ganchl, Bennett, Lt Com Goodall, Com Hayes, Captains Bruce and Brennan and myself.

I interviewed chief master at arms Gowes and warned his quarters. I also interviewed Lt Fisher and Captain Evans on whom the finger was pointed.

Talk in AM with Mr. Kuboda who said small black out lamps or lights would be permitted until 11:00 PM but none later unless emergency and then only in surgery and that with permission of Japanese.