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November 15, 1944

After staying on alert all night and up until 3:05 PM we  had “all clear”. (no air activity) The officers began to arise about 4:00 AM as the first 57 men of McKinley detail were to leave at 6:00 AM. After a baggage check, the first echelon left on time, followed by the second at 8:00 AM and the third about 10:45 AM. 148 patients, 3 doctors, 1 chaplain 1 cobbler, 1 tailor and 18 corpsmen left, dropping census to 2052. However as one ward has to be cleared it does not relieve congestion.

Complete rounds of hospital made in AM. Have a medical inspector and assistant and 6 men to constantly supervise sanitary conditions which are seemingly O.K. altho drainage is inadequate and washing facilities only fair.

Saw Mr Kuboda twice – requested 100 watt bulb for microscope (burned out), light in Bldg. # 13 at night because of stairs (refused). 45 gallon cauldrons from Cabanatuan as we could save wood. At present using ten 25 gallon cauldrons must cook thru twice for each meal.

About 7:30 PM was called to Japanese EM quarters where a soldier had urinated from second floor down onto high voltage wire and been electrocuted. They had given sulf. camphor and artificial respiration. I gave sulf. caffeine-Sod. Benzoate with Captain Nogi’s consent when he arrived. The artificial respiration was kept up about 45 minutes. I believe the man was instantly killed.

Transportation and diagnostic reports turned in this date.

Captain Robert Preston Taylor, (Chaplain. prot.) attached this date to replace Chaplain Brewster and moved into quarters.