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November 23, 1944

Front of stoves caved in this morning. This was inevitable and have spoken to Japanese about 3 times. They report that they have no cement but will try to bring in a couple of truck-loads of clay with which we can rebuild stoves.

Death last night, Robert N. Null, S Sgt USMC, ante mortem diagnosis – lymphoblastoms (a biopsy of a node sent to Phil. Gen last week). Post-mortem diag-Questionable carc.-head of pancreas. Burial was at Del Monte Cemetery, Chaplain Taylor officiating. The body was taken out by push-cart.

No patients fran Cabanatuan altho the group on the 20th implied more would come today schedules for Ft. McKinley. I regret that they didn’t since they might have brought some more cassava. We have had the latter fried the last two days which is a substantial adjunct to a deficient diet but are now out again.