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November 27, 1944

Have had laryngitis for 21; hours, but am able to continue working. There are some repercussions on pay, but in general it is very popular, as I found from my tour of the compound.

12 more field officers moved from Bldg. #1 to Bldg. #11 to equalize numbers better and give more room all round.

Special diets reconsidered today as every Monday. Now have 30 patients on #1 diet which adds an average of over 600 calories per day. This includes beans, fresh fruits, canned pumpkin, sugar and occasionally meat such as a small pig that died recently. #2 diet is simply supplementary milk which on both diets has been a third of a #2 can per man per day. Due to excellent work of captain Nasr with J.O.M. rice are increasing today to ¼ can per man bid.

Captain Minor is willing to take over occupational R if tools can be procured. The set-up is now in Bldg. #8 where Lt Col Babcock is doing book-binding and intends to make chess and checker boards. etc.