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November 29, 1944

Camp energy had reached a dangerously low ebb. School had to be closed as students and teachers were far too hungry and weak to concentrate on their work.

We were facing a new problem. Fuel shortage. The camp’s and private supply of charcoal was nearly exhausted, and already many people were chopping up chairs, desks, benches, and tables for fuel.

Pushcarts heaped with vegetables, fruit, and eggs stood outside the gates of this camp. They were gifts to us from wealthy residents and charitable organizations in the city, but the Nips sent them back with the message that we had enough food.

Six of our neighbors around our lean-to became violently ill today from eating lily bulbs. Fortunately, they had eaten only a small amount by way of experimenting. Otherwise, there would have been eight deaths today instead of two.

The Military Police made another surprise raid on the camp, striking terror in the hearts of us all. What a fool I was to keep my diary! Catesy thought I had already destroyed it, and I didn’t want to worry him about it.