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December 9, 1944

The weather has been stormy since last night, and we feared there would be another flood as the rain fell so heavily.

My angora kitten, Prince, is sitting near me and trying to grab the pen as I write. A month ago, I lost Princess, his sister. It is very difficult to raise these angora kittens at this time as they, too, seem to feel the effects of the war. I still have the mother cat, Pretty, and she is beautiful. Dorothy has two angora cats, also – Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I am looking out of the window while I am writing, and I can see Japanese soldiers repairing the Mandurriao airfield (a mile and a half away). The rain has stopped and the sun peeps through the clouds every now and then. The wind is blowing and it is a cool wind from the north, and we are all wearing heavier clothing.