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12th day, Jan. 8, 1945

We are sending Roxas & Diza back to Panay with certain things—soap and canned food—but more to look things over there & report. Being out of Panay has relieved us of the pre-occupations and pressure on our nerves caused by the strained relations with army elements. In his book, “Russia at War” Vera Micheles Dean writes the following, putting in clear and definite terms the lot of small nations:

“The sad fact is that, in the present state of world affairs, weak countries are bound to be crushed between powerful neighbors as between the upper & nether millstones, and their so called independence becomes a myth in times of emergency. The only hope those countries have of preserving some measure of autonomy is to accept cooperation with others in a federation or other form of international organization, where they, like the great powers, would have to sacrifice some of their sovereign rights, but in return might be assured a measure of political security & economic stability.”

Russia according to Dean is deeply interested and concerned with the welfare of the common man and raising his standard of life.

That Japan has continuously broadcasting on the [American] landing in Luzon, but not confirmed by Allied HQ, is intriguing us—what’s the idea behind it?

We are still waiting for transportation for another [?] destination.

We are trying to be patient & biding our time patiently.