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13th day, Jan. 9, 1945

Maj. Soliven came this morning and took us out after lunch to Col. Absede’s CP. We reach the HQ late this evening on a motor boat. The trip has been rather monotonous. We find Col Abcede waiting for us. His HQ is upstream and well hidden. Yet the Japs succeeded in getting in there through the back door. The darned fools did the unexpected as they did also in Panay.

The good Col. has tuba, hash & corned beef ready for us and a good dinner.

To our surprise, after dinner, the HQ band started to play dance music. And the girls of the camp showed up dolled up for the dance. We dance, that is, my party, for the first time in three years. We have a good time. This is my first opportunity to be amidst young girls, with their hair and faces well done up.

I have been introduced to staff officers of the camp. They are a fine group of enthusiastic young officers. I like them. They like me too, I presume. Their air is cordial, friendly & cooperative. They do not have the braggadocio of Panay officers. They do not show the insolence of Peralta’s clique. Here they are respectful to civil officers—friendly and helpful.

Col Abcede is sound and understanding. He does not have the imperious pretensions of Peralta.

Some personalities that strike me as interesting are Lanza, Maj. Cunanan and Manas.

I meet here Mrs. Villamor and Lt. Rexford. Why is Mrs. V. going with Rex and Rubenstein?

I have a nice bed here.

I have drunk several glasses of tuba.