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Mon. Jan. 15/45

Yesterday afternoon the whole camp was called to attend a mass roll call on the road in front of barracks #3 and #4. Guards were thrown around us. Instead of a roll call, soldiers started to inspect our cubicles in our absences. Tension mounted. Some men broke ranks and returned to their barracks where other guards stopped them. Finally the search was called off and ever since then the camp has been seething with excitement. We had a nominal roll call in our barracks last night.

Today there were demonstrations, mass meetings, etc. A group of women confronted Konishi, the one in charge of food and demanded more food. He finally agreed. We will have an election tomorrow for
new Central Committee. The demands made to the Japs are control of food in the camp, permission to buy from outside, and permission for individuals to purchase or trade for fruit from outside by regularized channels, also for parcels to be allowed in from friends. The Commandant and staff have lost face to a certain extent and we have advantages at present. We got a noon meal of steamed rice by reason of our demands.