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22nd day, Jan. 18, 1945

Warsaw has fallen! This is the principal feature of the broadcast this morning. Russia certainly knows how to time her punch to produce the desired effect. This is a fatal blow to Germany. Russians are just now 15 miles from German Silesia. It appears that this Russian drive will throw Germany off balance and probably knock her down for the count should the European Western front be continuously hammered hard and strong by the allied forces as to prevent Germany from sending reinforcements to the Eastern front, The Eastern situation should hasten the collapse of Germany.

The Philippine war front has become front page news all over the world. This war has definitely placed the Philippines conspicuously on the map. At least for the next generation, American and Australian children will be studying closely Philippine geography and history. We are no longer an unknown item in world affairs.

1 1/2 billion dollars for naval construction in the Philippines. What a large sum that would be sunk by America in the Philippines!

Philippine laborers and business men would have a big share. This war is therefore a blessing in disguise.

Poor Peralta. He again committed a big foul by sending a message to Abcede on “crooks.” He exposed once more his idiocy to Abcede.

Today, we receive the message that tomorrow a hydroplane will be picking us up— from our beach.

Should nothing miscarry tomorrow, we could be taking our lunch somewhere in Leyte or on some other point.

May God be with us—during and after the trip.