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Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 1945

Dr. Blum is sick in hospital with dengue. Bombing, but not continuous. We have been under air raid conditions for 2 weeks. Mr. Moran died today. Diagnosis beri-beri and starvation. He was walking around yesterday. Maggie says, these old people snuff out like candles. We hear all Japanese guards are leaving except Honda, Hiroshi, and Ohashi. All others to go into active service, including Abico. Abico hates us, and he holds the key to our food storehouse. Three deaths yesterday — Peabody, Ruggers and Moran. All starvation with beri~beri, scurvy, or pellagra. We are allowed out this evening. It rained last evening, but is hot now. I must go to Children’s hospital and ask for a drink of cold water. I’m so thirsty for cold water.