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33rd Day, Jan. 28, 1945

We are now in Honolulu—about 4 a.m. It’s Sunday again. Here we are met by two fine young American officers—Lt. Knuze and Lt. Johnson. We eat our breakfast at the officers club—orange juice, waffles and coffee—all hot—a great breakfast. We are in Hickam field—a beautiful place—being lodged in a good house with bath and other modern conveniences. I take another shower—a hot one. This was the Hickam field that, was bombed and strafed by the Japs on Dec. 7—41.

I have taken a good morning nap. It’s Sunday again here—another chicken dinner as in Kwajalein.

Lt. Knuze was relieved—but another lively officer from Mississippi took his place. He took us to dinner.

We have a military car for ourselves. Here we [are] met by a girl from Baltimore—Lt. Miss Kuprez—charming and attractive.