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19th June 1945

A Filipino and an Indonesian working for the Japanese board of information have been living for some time in a house furnished to them by the Japanese government. They have naturally made some friends among the Japanese, girls and these have often visited them for dinner and a little behind-drawn-curtains dancing.

Apparently the police did not like it. Recently they picked up about seven of these girls. One had only visited the place once; she had left a trunk there for safe-keeping after her house burnt down. The others were all working for Domei news agency, mostly in the interception of American news cables.

They were questioned separately for almost a whole day, far into the night. Had the foreigners asked them any questions concerning the war situation? Had they asked for American radio news? And above all, why had they visited these foreigners? What had they done in their house?

One of the girls cried afterward: “They have the filthiest minds I have ever known.”