August 22, 1945

Camp C. O. told us at 4 PM that the war has ended. What a birthday – my 41st but I try to rationalize that I am 40 until I am 41 and so for me “life begins at 40.” later, adds to his diary:

August 22, 1945, Wednesday, Rokuroshi, Japan: Gum from Walt Cadmus, Ferris Spoor, and Anse George. AM tea with Chuck Erhardt. Dinner on sock-bay steps with Harky Bull. Coffee with Bill Stecker in afternoon. Lying on a blanket in the sun when Camp C O announced the end of the war! Chocolate bar from Stecker after supper. Lay on the bank with Walt Cadmus for good accordion concert in the evening. A good day! Weight 130, ankle 8 ½, calf 13, thigh 17, hips 35, waist 30, neck 14 ¾ , biceps 10 ¾, wrist 7, chest 34 ¾ pulse 54.

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