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Day 17, 8 October 1945 –Manila Bay

Arrived in Manila early this AM; I got up at 0715 and we were just passing Corregidor. The Bay is full os [of] ships; I counted over 200 just around our anchorage at 0930.

Went into Manila this PM at 1300 and got back at 1630. What little I saw, Manila is a dirty, scared, and broken city and in utter confusion. What a mess it is; they say it used to be the most beautiful city in the Orient; today it is a wreck. Tried to get some films exchanged, but the Army won’t let us have them on ships, as the Navy takes care of ships…

How many people there were in the city. Many soldires [soldiers] and sailors, but hundreds of people… little people, victims of war. The US will have to help rebuild the PI…

Many shops selling souvenirs, but they are so high priced… Two letters from Louise… hope there will be more tomorrow… Looks like we will take on a new load and go right back to SF.

We will stay out here at anchorage all night.