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February 2, 1950

To E.C.A. office where I had a talk with Vincent Cecchi, acting chief of mission. Met most of the E.C.A. staff.
Called on American Ambassador — Cowen — who was cordial and helpful. Met Chapin (Counsellor) and several others, and Ed Rice. Lunched with Ed and his nice wife (Mary. In afternoon, met the staff of the Dept. of Finance (the Secretary is away on a trip). Back to office, where I met other members of E.C.A. staff. Gilbert Stuart came to see me. He wants to buy 3 fishing boats from BOTRA, which were brought over here to get them out of Communist hands, but discovered yesterday that they are subject to duties and taxes totaling 50%. I could only advise him to take his case to the Commissioner of Customs. Had Loris Craig to dinner here. After dinner we sat in lobby and watched the guests pass by — guests at a ball given by President Quirino to President Sukarno of the Indonesian Republic. Moved to a room of my own, and unpacked.