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February 13, 1950

Made a couple of calls. Lunch here: Roy Jastram (Internal Revenue); Foster Knight; Dr. Dalupan; Mr. Gomez; Dr. Francisco (3 members of the Dept. of Finance Reorganization Committee). A very intelligent and public-spirited group of Filipinos. Dinner at Ambassador and Mrs. Cowens for Mr. and Mrs. John Foster Dulles. About 150 guests, and buffet supper served on the lawn. I happened to sit with Mr. and Mrs. Day (he is an old-timer here — in the oil business — Lever Bros.). They come from Vermont, and have a home at Orford, New Hampshire just above Hanover. They know the doctors at the Clinic, and love the country. I also met a lot of old friends, Giles Stedman; Ed and Mrs. Rice; etc., etc. Mrs. Cowen is a gracious and good-looking hostess. Mr. Dulles told me that his brother Allan had returned to service
in the C.I.A. as deputy to Gen. Bedell Smith.