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February 27, 1950

Up at 5:30 and to airport with Adm. Giles Stedman. Got off at 7 a.m. by Philippine Air Lines Skymaster (DC-4). Up east coast of Formosa in good weather, but, on rounding north end of island, met heavy clouds and little ceiling. Pilot nosed around for 3/4 of an hour trying to find a break, but had to give it up and go on to Okinawa, where we landed about 2 p.m., and had lunch. Took off about 4 p.m. and, this time, managed to get in to Taipei at 6. 11 hours to complete a 4 hour flight. Adm. Stedman and a few other passengers were continuing on to Tokyo-another 7 or 8 hours. Met at airport by Lo Ching Hsiang, Fang Tu and about 15 members of the staff.