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October 26, 1966

The White HouseDateOctober 26, 1966
President Lyndon B. JohnsonDayWednesday
Daily Diary
The President began his day  at:Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippine Islands
TimeTelephone (f or t)Activity (include visited by)
7:54atBill Moyers
8:01atLynda Bird Johnson — Wash D.C.
8:20atDale Malachek — LBJ Ranch, Texas
8:53atWalt Rostow
9:25atBill Moyers
9:45atHarry McPherson
The President slept in this morning –up at about 7:45 a.m. –eggs for breakfast instead of chipped beef, apple juice– toast and marmalade — tea
In the room this morning — Leonard Marks, Director of USIA
Jake Jaconsen
(The President asked for Jack Valenti but he couldn’t be located — he stayed at the Palace.)
Harry McPherson in this morning to talk about this morning’s speech.
Leonard Marks discussed the presentation of the television report to the American people which is to be used around the world — it can serve both purposes. Marks reported to the President that he had printed 50,000 copies of the Manila Conference pamphlet containing the declaration, the cmmunique, speeches and had shipped it to the six nations involved. Marks talked about getting instructions out to all of our 105 countries where we have information offices interpreting the Manila Conference. Marks told the President of his plans of getting worldwide distribution as soon as possible. Marks:nf
The President this morning read digests of all the news from back home
As hefiled out of his suite, the President walked by a group of paintings selected for his perusal, and the TWO were selected.
two abstracts
A yellow brown carabao (water buffalo) on grey background — by Oscar Zalameda
Three women w/ fish motif — yellow dominant w/ muted orange –red and dark blue as contrast by MagsaysayO
11:04aIn hall outside suite w/ Jake, JV, Mrs. J, Leonard Marks — looking at possible painting to be purchased –selected one of a fishing village
11:10aDepart Manila Hotel, back entrance, by motorcade accompanied his automobile — w/ Mrs. Johnson, MW
On driving the Embassy grounds, the motorcade proceeded to the dock, where the President dropped Mrs. Johnson — then on the U.S. Embassy helicopter pad
11:14aHelicopter U.S. Embassy Pad for Fort Bonifacio w/ Ambassador Blair, Jim Jones, Marie Fehmer, Marvin Watson, Ken Gaddis. agents: Youngblood an Johns.
11:23aArrive helicopter pad at Philippine Army Headquarters — Fort Bonifacio — for visit to Philippine cemetery (Libingan ng mga Bayani”) (Resting Place of Heroes)
11:25aDepart by motorcade w/ President Marcos, Amb Blair, Amb Romualdez
11:30aArrive Philippine cemetery for wreath-laying ceremony at tomb of the unknown.
Interred here are the remains of the men who fought at Bataan, Corregidor and those who were killed in guerrilla warfare against the Japanese in different parts of the Philippines.Greeted at the departure point by General Santos Garcia, Commanding General of the Philippine Army and the Secy of National Defense, Alfonso Arellano
official wreath-laying ceremony
The President was assisted by Col. Conmy and Major Robinson
11:40aDepart Philippine Cemetery by motorcade w/ President Marcos, Amb. Blair, Amb. Romualdez
11:45aArrive gates of American cemetery — drove up right hand driveway and stopped at curbside — greeted by
This is situated six miles from Manila — within the limits of the former Army Reservation Fort William McKinley. The military dead came from temporary cemeteries in New Guinea, the Philippines, and other Islands of the Southwest Pacific and Central Pacific area.Mr. Otto Kaufmann, Superintendent, Manila-American Cemetery and memorial
Lt. James W. Wilson, Commander, 13th Air Force — Clark Air Base, P.I.
Major Gen James R. Winn, Chief, Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group, P.I.
Rear Admiral Herman J. Kossler, Commander, U.S. Navy, P.I.
Hail to the Chief, played — walked over grass toward Troop Commander and Chapel Base. U.S. Marines,sailors, Coast Guard, and army personnel in two files forming honor cordon to Memorial Chapel Plaza.
Two national anthems —
wreath laying —
then taps
(a very moving ceremony)
12:00p12:05pDeparted American cemetery for helicopter pad, Fort Bonifacio
12:05pArrived pad — departed immediately by helicopter for Los Banos w/ Amb. Blair, Amb. Romualdez, Rufus Youngblood. President Marcos, JV, Ken Gaddis, MW, Dr. Burkley, Jim Jones
12:34pArrived International Rice Research Institute at Los Banos — a beautiful, but hot place. The weather must have been in the 90 degree range, w/ intermittent –very sparse– drizzle. And the President and First Lady both showed the wear of the heat. The President was perspiring heavily, and Mrs. Johnson’s makeup needed freshening.
Los Banos is located in Laguna Province, forty miles southeast of Manila. Both Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation have been responsible for construction and operation, of the IRRI. It conducts a comprehensive research program on the rice plant and its desire to find ways to increase rice yields.
Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Marcos joined the party at this stop.
The President walked down a cordon of Philippine troops and then through a very long receiving line –made up of officials of IRRI, the Agricultural College of the Philippines and the town of Los Banos.
12:40pPresidential party leaves by motorcade for a tour of the rice fields —
The President and Mrs. Johnson
President and Mrs. Marcos
Amb Blair
Amb Romualdez
rode in a small air conditioned bus.
One stop was made — the four principals departing the bus and walked to a rice paddy demonstrating techniques of transplanting rice cultivation. A very interesting scene, natives barefooted up to their knees in the rice paddy, water plows being pulled by water buffalo –the President was very interested– and paid particular attention to the water buffalo (a mean looking animal)
Another stop was made at a paddy of new experimental rice — walkways had been built, and the President walked between the paddies of old rice and newly developed rice.
He then walked 50 feet to nearby stand-up microphone for brief remarks —
introduced by Dr. Robert Chandler, Jr., former President of Univ. of New Hampshire
REMARKS by the President
is a very picturesque sight — an umbrella being held over the President to protect him from the hot sun, palm trees in the background, and in the far far, background, great mountains covered in deep green vegetation.
1:05pThe President concluded his remarks, and proceeded through large, large crowds — screaming, and waving flags — to the dining room. He merely walked through the dining — CANCELED the planned lunch he was to have there — and went to the helicopter. A surprise move, and staff members had to hustle to get through the crowd. — in the dining room, he greeted briefly about 22 luncheon guests.
1:15pWheels up — via helicopter — for Corregidor w/ Mrs. Johnson, President and Mrs. Marcos. Amb. Blair, Amb Romualdez
MW, Jim Jones, Okamoto, Jack Valenti, mf
(talk about Philippines GNP, civil side of war in VietNam)
the helicopter circled Corregidor for views of gun emplacements, barracks, etc at Battery Hearn, Battery Crockett, Battery Way, etc.
2:45pHelicopter landed at Bottom Side (surrender site) —
The President walked w/ President Marcos to a spot near where General Wainwright surrendered, and to a small monument “Corregidor” –two microphones, and the President (donned a Veterans cap as did Marcos) and President Marcos stood facing the memorial.
1:55p2:10pREMARKS by the President
The President received a symbolic title scroll of one square inch of Philippine soil as a gift to the Americans who lost their lives on Philippine soil.
Then in a motorcade the President riding w/ President Marcos — motorcade one-quarter mile to point where they could see tunnel entrance and stopped at Malinta Tunnel Historical marker — the marker explained Malinta Tunnel’s mission, General MacArthur’s departure and return to Corregidor.
Then they drove to see the batteries.
(said goodbye to President and Mrs. Marcos, and Mrs. Johnson)
2:29pArrive helicopter area, boarded helicopter for w/ Jack Valenti, Dr. Burkley, mf, J Jones, MW, Okamoto, Rufus Youngblood, Lem Johns, Ken Gaddis
2:46pArrived U.S. Naval Station, Sangley Point
2:50pOn AF One 26000 at U.S. Naval Station, Sangley Point, Manila, Philippines
Straight through cabin to bedroom
2:54pOut in pajamas and robe to stateroom for takeoff. Also in cabin were:
Hon. Leonard Marks, Director, USIA
Jack Valenti
Jake Jacobsen
Secretary Dean Rusk
Hon. Clark Clifford
Governor Farris Bryant
Hon. William P. Bundy, Assnt Secy of State for Far Eastern Affairs
3:00pLUNCH in stateroom
3:15pAll staff ad others out — PRESS POOL in state room
Hal Pachios
Rufus Youngblood
3:52pTo back of plane kidding mf and marys not to get lost with any young officers — also kidding Jack Velenti about taking Mary Esther Garner to the Barrio Fiesta last night.
3:55pTo bedroom to rest
3:56p4:20pClark Clifford in bedroom
Aboard AF One 26000 from Sangley Point to
The PresidentClark Clifford
Secretary RuskJack Valenti
Marvin WatsonHMCS Mills
Gov. BryantWilliam Bundy
Jim JonesMr. Jordan
Ken GaddisMr. Hardesty
OkamotoLeonard Marks
Lt. AtkinsPaul Glynn
Dr. BurkleyYoungblood, USSS
Marie FehmerL. Johns, USSS
Jake JacobsenJohnsen, USSS
Godfrey, USSSNunn, USSS
Mary SlaterHal Pachlos
Mr. SchoenMr. Sparks
K. LynchPRESS POOL: Merriman Smith
Mr. McNultyB. ThompsonF. WardJoe Pinto
S. DavisG. SilkJ. Atherton
R. ShakfordF.CormierF. Lara
H. GeorgesHoffermanP. Lisagor
G. Peleuses
(The portion onward, fron wheels down in Cam Ranh Bay at 4:34p are not included in The Philippine Diary Project)