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March 1, 1970 Sunday


11:03 PM
March 1, 1970

Tuesday may be the crucial day. The KM’s yesterday agreed to hold a demonstration marching from the Quezon welcome arch to the U.S. Embassy passing by the Supreme Court. The demonstration bids well to be violent. Intelligence reports indicate that the radicals and communists may try and destroy the electric, water and telephone systems. They may try to burn or blast Congress and the Supreme Court. If they do I will suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus and order the arrest of all the communist leaders once and for all. If this happens we have to be restrained and wise in the choice of persons to arrest.

But this will set back the time table of the communists in the Philippines who have set their bid to take over the government this year or January 1971. It may be the better part of valor and wisdom to act now.

Saw the film Julius Ceasar with John Gielgad, Paul Mason and Marlon Brando. Superb acting but it reminded me of the conspiracy going on now against me by all the envious men who have failed. Remind me to have my guards around me always. I have often wondered why Ceasar had no protection when he was assassinated.