March 6, 1970 Friday


11:40 PM

March 6, 1970

Have just spoken before the Jaycees in the Pasig, Rizal capitol in their national convention for constitutional amendments. Reforms yes, but perhaps the most urgent are the reforms inside us. Then the powers of the President in an emergency of this nature.

Father Ortiz wishes to see me. So I have set a meeting here in Malacanang at 9:30 AM tomorrow. A little on the awkward side. But it is best that I set him at ease as he must be rather embarrassed since the statements he issued were rather arrogant.

Met with VP Lopez whom I convinced to take Bong Tanco as Asst. Secretary for Agriculture and to agree to have a committee on oil concessions to be organized. He was with Piding Montelibano and Speaker Pro Tempore Jose Aldeguer. Piding says he has talked to IP. Soliongco to have the Chronicle toned down and to give them one week as the paper cannot suddenly turn around but must do so gradually. I wonder what happens to Ernesto Granada who has been unusually vicious.

Kerima Polotan will write on the media and the communists.

But we must soon put up a newspaper. The machinery that was donated to Imelda seems to be the right equipment for this project. We have to have a medium for our official positions.

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