March 10, 1970 Tuesday


11:45 PM

March 10, 1970

Met with the Congressional leaders and decided to approve a conventional price control bill and to allow importations of essentials by government.

We will replace the Monetary Board Resolution 289 with an export tax of 15% for the raw exports and 10 percent for the processed, these to be reduced every two years until 5% remains for the raw exports and none for the processed.

The floating rate remains until we can determine by June the actual and true rate of the peso.

Met the Anti-communist league which is for stern measures against the demonstrators and file criminal cases against them that will stick. Tony Roxas Chua wanted action against the Chinese Commercial News and the two brothers. Quintin Yuyitung had a case of deportation before but I rescinded the order to deport him.

Met the Laguna mayors and the Cagayan Valley Mountain Provinces congressmen. Had lunch as usual at 2:30 PM.

Have just had two teeth (actually roots left after the tops were broken off when I hurried through a dessert of chocolate with nuts last week) extracted by Dr. Primo Gonzales and Capt. Paz. My mouth still numb. These are the teeth broken or shivered by the Japanese in Fort Santiago 28 years ago and over which caps had been put.

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