March 14, 1970 Saturday


11:10 PM

March 14, 1970

Am a little miserable from the extraction of my upper right wisdom tooth, decayed from the repair work after the war from the beatings I got in Fort Santiago. That is the 3rd tooth that goes in a week.

And my upper left bicuspid that was apparently root-canaled many years ago is paining me.

So I am taking anti-biotics that always make me feel funny.

Worked on prices again. More dollars for imports ($2 million monthly for essential canned goods and $1.8 for milk). Have ordered the GMFTM to initiate rolling stores and supply commissaries to be put up by public and private corporations. Recombined milk now being produced by factories working at half their capacity will be working a full capacity to fill up 1/2 of requirement – 150,000.

But we must pass the export tax of 15% and 10% so that there will be no speculation on exports, there will be more dollars and there can be a reasonable estimate of costs which cannot be done with the present floating rate.

Same with the price and rent control law.

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