March 15, 1970 Sunday


10:20 PM

March 15, 1970

Imelda feels calamity has befallen us because she cannot control Bongbong who does nothing but play with his friends to the prejudice of his schooling. He has lost his star, missed two days homework and stayed up tonight with his two friends Serafin and Noel fooling around in his room. It has reached the stage where I have warned him that I will throw his friends out of the palace if they are overstaying. But I feel that the boy’s will power has not developed enough.

The Tondo squatters demonstration for today did not go through as I convinced the leaders in Tondo and Manda and the priests with the Council that it is not necessary for we will give the land in the Tondo foreshore to the people who are entitled to it. Manda Elizalde claims he was the one who dissuaded the people and that even Father Murphy was agitating the people to demonstrate. The nuns with whom Imelda talked say this is not true as it was Father Murphy who was dissuading the Tondo people from demonstrating. It is a case where the people are caught between two men who want to get the honors of improving Tondo.

The SOWESCOM Hq. has been burned in Zamboanga. The Pamantasan ng Maynila was bombed by some armed persons. A bus exploded because of a load of dynamite killing a fisherman and wounding others.

We have to prepare for any contingency.

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