March 16, 1970 Monday


12:05 AM

March 16, 1970

I have ordered the investigation of both LA Gov. Estrella and Dep. Gov. Eusebio on alleged purchase by the son of the former of LA lands in San Pedro Tunasan and by the latter through a corporation of which he is a shareholder.

This afternoon I had to do the same on the charges by the NUSP, headed by Jopson and NSL by Portia Ilagan against Nacida Administratrix Pacita Gonzales for ghost employees, somebody else falsifying her signature and demoralization of the employees.

Nacida has increased the exported cottage industry products from $29 million to about $100 since 1965 to 1969 and is the 4th biggest dollar earner. And as one of the visitors to Pampanga has observed it has raised the standard of living of the common people.

There were demonstrations by the small fishermen in bancas in Pasig River against Trawl fishing. Trawl fishing is prohibited in 7 fathoms and they claim that the big trawlers are. The VP has made the two groups agree to allow Baby trawlers only in Manila Bay and after six months even this will have to leave Manila Bay.

Met with the exporters, bankers and producers, and the technical men, to pound out measures to raise P800 million annually for two years. Piding Montelibano and Jesus Cabarrus were the most vocal. Chester Babst, President of the Bankers’ Asso., Ignal of Copra, etc. were all there. We agreed on 10% across the board instead of 15% and 10% and $5 million as the level above which the equalization on export tax will be enforced.

Commander Sumulong’s men are active again in Pampanga.

He is the field cornmander of the traditionalists.

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