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March 20, 1970 Friday


1:00 AM

March 20, 1970

The Metrocom and Intelligence under the guidance of Sec. Ponce Enrile caught eight Huks with grenades at Navotas, Rizal. Three were on a mission to assassinate me.

The House has just passed export tax bill. They wanted to make 20% of the proceeds into a pork barrel but finally reconsidered it.

Spoke before the Manila Lions on communism and the reasons for government policy.

The National Labor Union of Lerum and Policarpio picketed the palace, wanted to meet me but since I was not there were willing to meet me after the Holy Week.

I have breakfast with the publishers tomorrow.

The Terry Adevoso plot should be met with legal action. Am trying to convince our asset to turn state witness.

Sec. O.D. Corpus has recommended to a Congressional Committee the adoption of socialism as a basis for our reforms without my clearance and approval.

Sihanouk has just been booted out of the Presidency in Cambodia while out on a state visit to Peking.