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March 22, 1970 Sunday


March 22, 1970

This is actually being written at 8:30 AM March 23 at the Mirador Retreat House. I could not write it last night as my papers including my diary had been left behind at The Mansion when we checked into the retreat house.

With me in retreat are Ramon Cojuangco, Daniel Vasquez, Vincent Recto, Manoling Revilla, Pepe Oledan, Gene Tanseco, Francisco Rabat, Benny Tantoco, Mundy Feliciano, Chito del Castillo, Col. Fabian Ver, Capt. Yoro.

I come into retreat with my prayer that God give me the grace of strength and insight so that I may save my people from suffering; that I may not decide in anger what has to be decided but that I may not hesitate in doubts and irresolution when the decision has to be taken; that I may have the grace of patience and understanding.

Played golf at the Mansion golf course 11:30-1:00 after arrival.

PMA graduation exercises where I predicted that the military confrontation with communism is inevitable. (Incidentally Chino Roces headlines this with “Marcos warns of martial law” in the Manila Times). Last Saturday when I persisted in asking about the information that he has on communist plans, after stating that I underestimate the communist strength and that they would strike this year or next, he asked me to assign a good intelligence officer to go to Hongkong and get the information from Peking contacts giving the impression that the activities of the radicals in the Philippines are planned and orders given from Peking.

Met with Joe and Ralph Friday night. Convinced Joe to update his diary and to then confirm his handwriting when a raid with search warrant seizes his diary with which he is confronted with the others who will also be searched and arrested simultaneously.